About Us

About GFT

Global Financial Traders Caribbean Limited or GFT is a subsidiary of Capital Markets Elite Group Ltd, a registered Brokerage Dealer, licensed with the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission. GFT is a stock trading and investing educational institution based in Trinidad and Tobago. At GFT, we enhance trading and investing intelligence to enable individuals to make more informed investment decisions. Our educational courses entail a synchronized delivery processes which involves on-demand videos, live webinars and an in-class mentoring phase. The techniques being taught at GFT comprise state-of-the-art algorithms and methodologies that increase your success in analysing the financial markets.

Why GFT?

Unlike other Financial educational courses and institutions GFT provides consistent and continued customer support for all clients. We provide free lifetime support to our students to ensure that they succeed as traders. We are not just here to sell you package, we are committed to guide you through the process, step by step. This is further illustrated in our teaching methods where GFT utilises the “spoon feeding” approach, serving clients through our student development support and giving the personalized attention needed for success and sustainability in the financial markets.

At GFT, we strive to provide clients with the best. Our trading team consists of professional traders from around the world with a minimum of ten (10) years experience. We are proud to be one of the only organisations in the Caribbean currently providing one-on-one customer support to clients online and in a classroom environment. Our team is fully committed to educating clients on proper risk-reward targets as well as equity management to be successful in volatile financial markets.

Mission Statement

To give our clients financial freedom; to enable them to build a legacy of wealth

To this end GFT is dedicated to educating individuals to become successful investors; by empowering local investors to trade on the global financial markets thereby improving their financial well-being.

GFT is a unique financial educational institution created to move third world investors into the first world financial market.

Integrity, professionalism, transparency, dependability, honesty and productivity are the values which we have built our institution upon and strive to uphold unconditionally. Money is serious business and we at GFT take your money and our business very seriously.

For way too long we have observed, either in awe or in bewilderment as “the Guys on Wall Street”, hedge fund managers and traders around the world, gain huge profits in the financial market.

We equip clients with all the tools necessary to trade successfully in the financial markets. Instead of trying to sell our clients dreams of grandeur and riches of financial trading we give the realistic perspective. We tell our clients, GFT is not a get rich scheme. Getting rich is possible but we teach the safe way to increase your portfolio gradually with minimal risk.

At GFT we have acquired the knowledge and skills to trade just as successfully as those first-world professionals. It is our desire to impart our knowledge with the hopes of establishing a wide and diverse trading network throughout the region which would be beneficial to us all.

Our aspirations toward developing the region can only be accomplished if we join together, and with knowledge and skills we can alleviate ourselves from third world limitations.


Mr. Duke Pollard Jr. is the Senior Market Strategist at Capital Markets Elite Group Limited and Global Financial Traders Caribbean Limited. Mr. Pollard has attained a Bachelors’ of Science in Bio-Chemistry and the LLB (Hons) Bachelor of Laws from the University of the West Indies, and is currently a candidate in the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) programme. Mr. Pollard has been trading on the international markets for over ten (10) years.

Mrs. Tracy L. Morganthall, CMT, has been a Technical Market Analyst for more than 20 years. For eight years, she was Senior Vice President and Senior Market Analyst at Lowry Research Corp. Prior to joining Lowry, Mrs. Morganthall held the position of Senior Market Strategist at Candlecharts.com and, prior to that, Senior Technical Analyst at Stone & McCarthy Research Associates.

Ms. Donna Noreiga began her trading career in 1997 trading stocks and stock options. Ms. Noreiga was introduced to the Forex Market in 2007, and has since completed the Series 3 (Commodities and Futures) as well as the Series 34 (Retail Off-Exchange Forex) examinations.

With over ten (10) years trading experience, Ms. Noreiga has been able to help hundreds of traders in their journey. She is currently the Student Development Manager at Global Financial Traders.

Mr Bruce Powers, CMT, is an Independent Advisor to Blue Birch Capital Advisors with over 20 years of experience in the financial markets. Most recently he was President of WideVision, a financial technology and IT solutions provider and online publisher of the MarketsToday.net Middle East financial portal, where he also served as Chief Technical Analyst. Bruce is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and Co-chair and Co-founder of the Dubai Chapter of the Market Technicians Association. He holds an MBA in finance from the Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, U.S.A

“Having been interested in forex for a number of years now but decided against committing to any one institution because of the prohibitive costs, I finally took the plunge to join Global Financial Traders. Even though it was alot cheaper than other institutions, I still had reservations about joining. Afterall, this is a high risk market with your hard earned dollars. These reservations were put to rest after my meeting with Mr Duke Pollard. I was shocked that Mr Pollard has managed to exceed all my expectations about his institution. I am yet to meet an individual who is as bright, passionate, ambitious, assertive, and genuinely selfless when it comes to his students wellbeing and financial success. It is this sincerity that made me take that risk after all these years I thought seemed lacking by many so-called traders. Never before have I been exposed to such an in-depth analysis of the financial markets with information and videos spewing from what I refer to as the ‘one stop financial shop’ on the institution’s website. This institution under the guidance of Mr. Pollard is on the cusp of being THE financial educational trading institution of not only Trinidad but the rest of the Caribbean. The reason for my strong belief is the fact that I have managed to actually double my money and get returns that supersede the banks and other local financial institutions. Yes, I have begun to pay my tuition and bills through the profits that I’ve made as a novice trader in only 2 months! I’ve become so confident in Mr Pollard’s skills as a trader that I’ve brought in other friends who have begun to reap the benefits. This is a risky market but these risks and losses are greatly mitigated by Mr. Pollard’s hand holding, conservative trading style. His trading acumen is second to none and it is a bit mind blowing that the forex trades he teaches us are roughly 95% successful. I’ve manged to gain not only a great financial advisor but a true friend who has manged to show an amazing personal and financial maturity well beyond his years. I implore anyone wanting to have a second income or thinking about joining the forex market to explore Global Financial Traders. It may be a life altering decision without the risk that has been preventing you from taking that leap.”
Inshan Mohammed
I.T Consultant
Government of Trinidad and Tobago
“I would consider myself to be a newcomer to Stocks, Forex and Global Financial Traders. Our tutor Duke Pollard is truly an exceptional individual and goes beyond the classroom to ensure that everyone understands as much as they could. I am excited to what the commitment of this process would produce in the future. I feel I belong to a family of traders and that there is support whenever I need it. I can move at my own pace and I do not feel pressured at any point in time. I have found Duke Pollard and Global Financial Traders to operate with high levels of integrity and transparency. This journey is not just to gain financial freedom but helps pioneer the way forward for others to follow.”
Vinoo Manickram
Sangre Grande Police Station
My name is Dr. Veronica Williams and I am a veterinarian for the past three years now. Helping animals live a long happy life was my childhood dream. I learned about GFT Caribbean through Facebook. After the very informative seminar about GFT and Stock trading, the seminar proved to be a lot more than I expected as I learned that GFT was a stock trading analysis school that educated individuals about trading in the stock market and provided support during and after the course was completed. This course so far has proven itself to be the door that leads to financial freedom. I am almost to the end of the course now and I can truly say that I feel like a financial expert now (laugh). I understand now what the stock market is and how it works. Day by day I learn more about trading and the very explanatory and well delivered lectures have enlightened my understanding of trading. My understanding of the stock market and trading grows exponentially with each class, empowering me with the tools to trade wisely, patiently and with a balanced attitude and perspective. All of the staff has been very encouraging, caring and supportive. I look forward to completing the course soon and entering the live stock market as I feel empowered and I know that GFT will have my back then as well. Veronica, Veterinarian
Dr. Veronica Williams

The Trading course required discipline and commitment but has proven to be a very rewarding step for me…I never felt alone on this journey and I appreciated the encouragement, support and education. I thank GFT for enabling me to realize my dream of being truly financially free. I’ll encourage anyone to do the same.
Retired Accountant