Grow Your Wealth

Why pursue the Professional Traders Programme? Engage in a solid plan to secure your financial future, whether you want to fund your own business, increase your salary, secure your education, earn extra income for leisure activities or create wealth. The programme is the only course of this type available in Trinidad and Tobago. Benefits of this programme includes-

Earning income is USD
Benefit from trading on the international stock market.

Benefit from Experience
Experience our Senior Analyst strategize, analyse and execute trades.

Diversify income
Create a new income stream and invest in global stocks to mitigate risks of local economic conditions and inflation.

Lifetime Support
All our students benefit from free lifetime support. Proactive approach to building financial wealth – Actively Design your financial future.

Master a new skill
Master a new skill that empowers you to make sound investment decisions.

Discover how GFT can help you secure your financial future

What our awesome students say


This course so far has proven itself to be the door that leads to financial freedom. I am almost to the end of the course now and I can truly say that I feel like a financial expert now. Day by day I learn more about trading and the very explanatory and well delivered lectures have enlightened my understanding of trading. My knowledge of the stock market and trading grows exponentially with each class, empowering me with the tools to trade wisely, patiently and with a balanced attitude. All of the staff has been very encouraging, caring and supportive




Testimonial 1

GFT has been a breath of fresh air in the current economic climate. The convenience of attending the classes using your computer at home and the presentation of the material in a clear & concise manner were great. I was also taken aback by GFT’s support & help throughout and after the course. I wholeheartedly recommend GFT’s course- it’s a decision you wouldn’t regret!

Varendra, Geophysicist


Varendra, Geophysicist

Testimonial 3

The information provided by GFT was easy to internalize even with my busy schedule. Online and onsite classes were very effective… The support provided by staff was instrumental in my ability to pursue this ‘curiosity’ for trading. Today I'm still trading and continue to receive support from GFT, but the biggest take away for me was the ability to understand the workings of global financial markets and to effectively manage my own money without the need for a middle man.

Randy, Engineer


Randy, Engineer