Getting Started

To become a member of the Academy all you need to do is to enroll in the Professional Traders programme, click here- Download the Brochure. We encourage you to join one of our Stock Trading Seminars to get more information Register Now. Once you have enrolled in the Programme, you will receive access to our Global Financial Traders Online Academy where you can select your course materials and lots more. We look forward to having you learn with us and participate in our trading community. There are no membership registration fees.

The Professional Traders Programme is a stock trading and investing education program designed to help you develop trading skills, conduct technical analysis and develop trading strategies. The PTP consists of over 10 modules including financial markets, trend analysis, Fibonacci ratios, charting and other analytical tools, delivered through online videos, webinars and continuous mentorship.

By enhancing your trading and investing intelligence you are able to make more informed investment decisions and become a successful investor.

You are required to submit copies of the following with our registration form: Proof of Identification - Any two (2) forms of National identification, (copy of birth certificate / passport / National ID Card or driver's licence)
Proof of Address – Utility Bill

The application should take no more than ten (10) minutes to complete, providing you have all the documents you need, ready before you start. You can also complete the application form and scan and email the document to us. You should be registered as a student within 24 hours of your application and payment.

We accept a wide range of payment methods, via linx, cash, credit card, online, bank deposit, wire transfer or cheque. Please note that Global Financial Traders is a subsidiary of Capital Markets Elite Group Ltd and all payments via wire transfers and bank deposits can be made payable to the Capital Markets Elite Group Limited, corporate account.

Even if you have no prior knowledge of trading or finance, you will be surprised athow simple, thought-provoking and engaging the information is presented.Prior knowledge of trading, and finance qualifications are not required, as the modules are designed for individuals of all academic backgrounds. The content is delivered in bite-sized sessions using synchronized on-demand videos, live webinars and an onsite class for convenient study.

The Programme takes one month, however some individuals have completed the programme in shorter timeframes. You can learn around your schedule so you can move through the training as quickly or leisurely as you would like.Our demo trading account allows you to trade and hone your trading skills using virtual money, risk-free. Some students are comfortable after one month and then start trading live.

No.By purchasing the Programme the student enters into a contractual agreement to use the course for their individual learning purposes and agrees to non-disclosure of proprietary information. However, we have a Referral Program that you might want to check out, where you earn $100 USD for each successful referral. Regional and International Students may benefit from the Affiliation Program (see Promotions).

Yes, at the end of each lesson there is a quiz. You are expected to successfully complete the quiz before moving to your next lesson. This is to ensure that you have attained the knowledge and skills related to the lesson as you proceed. Once you have successfully completed the lessons there is a final exam. You are required to attend our “Trading with the Pros” – a mentorship session where you will be presented your Global Financial Traders Certificate of Achievement.

No! The entire Professional Traders Programme’s study material comes in the form of online trading courses. Once you have purchased the Professional Traders Courseyou will receive a confirmation email with a link to view an orientation video. We will also send your logins and password to access the Global Financial Traders Online Academy Members area to access the lesson content.

Yes you do! Please check our Promotions page to view how you can benefit from our Referral Program.

For individual inquiries, please contact us at 1 868 225 6155 or 1 868 304 9917. Our Trade Specialist Team will endeavour to answer all inquiries within 24 – 48 hours.

Please check your inbox (spam folders as well) to find two emails; a payment confirmation and another email with a link to view our orientation video. Please verify your email account and login in to the Academy’s Members Area. The course that you have purchased will already be waiting for you in “Lessons” section.

We are an Online Trading Academy and provide support to all our Students through our Student Development Manager. The GFT Online Academy highlights the importance of staying up-to-date with daily financial news from around the globe. We also disseminate weekly Market Research and News to our entire student body. CMEG clients with brokerage accounts benefit from the analysis and insights shared within the Live Trading Room, a community of traders and our Senior Analysts and the weekly Portfolio Optimization sessions, conducted by our Senior Financial Analyst.

Our Professional Traders Course uses professional techniques and strategies utilized by prominent investors to teach you everything you need to know about trading in the financial markets. By learning how to trade in these financial markets, you as an investor will profit and allow your portfolio to grow. Please click here to read more about our course description.

Please check our course price and description here.

Please check your inbox (spam folders as well) to find two emails from us; a confirmation of your purchase and your membership verification. Please verify your email account and login in to the Academy’s Members Area. The course that you have purchased will already be waiting for you in “My Academy” section.

We are offering an exam and a certificate because many students requested this for a variety of reason, mainly personal or for a career enhancement.

The exam consists of a 120 multiple choice questions. The exam takes approximately 2 hours and takes place online at a time chosen by you. All you need to do is revise our course material, login to our members area and start the examination.

Yes! At Global Financial Traders, our instructors will help and guide you through the learning process in order for you to better understand the fundamental principles of trading. There are many options available if you need help, you can call our office directly and speak with our Student Development Manager, or send an email to the service desk. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can make an appointment to meet with the Student Development Manager who will be happy to give you the support.

This is simple! Kindly send us an email or call and speak directly with our Student Development Manager to get your password reset. Password reset instructions will be emailed to you. Please also do not forget to update your password once you logged in. Click on the drop down next to your name, select update your details, type in your new password and click save.

Of course you can! Our Live Trading Room is a community of Traders and provides a forum for you to interact with other traders and investors, and share trade ideas, experiences and strategies.