Take your trading and investing to the next level

Make sound trading and investment decisions that increase your profitability. The Professional Traders Programme provides theoretical and practical content encapsulated in each of the (10) ten lessons. The course comprises of training exercises designed to reinforce key principles being taught in each lesson. Our trading theory is combined with sound technical skills which are an important component of successful trading, so you can quickly adapt to the approaches of financial trading.

Global Financial Traders students receive:

Sound Trading and Investment Education
Commitment, discipline, a profound trade plan and risk management skills, create a perfect solution for trading. We at GFT will show you how to sharpen your trading skills using well-informed trading strategies. GFT instructors are active traders and industry experts for over (10) years.

Join our exclusive Live Trade Room
The Live Trade Room is a cadre of Portfolio Analysts, with extensive expertise in managing portfolios, risk profiling and trading. Get close up and experience our senior analystsÂ’ skills and charting techniques.

Lifetime Support
Our goal is to help you develop as a trader and achieve your financial goals. GFT is committed to providing Lifetime support to ensure you succeed.


Blended Learning for Flexibility and Convenience

Each lesson consists of an on-demand video and live webinar. The sample lesson is a pre-recorded live webinar.


I thank GFT for enabling me to realize my dream of being truly financially free

Ethelyn, is a retired Accountant and a GFT Student trading on the live international Stock Market