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People trade professionally or on a part-time basis for basically the same underlying reasons. Everyone is determined to find an efficient, no hassle, low-overhead, highly profitable way to earn money legally.  Most people also want or need an additional source of income while others yearn to be their own boss.  If these benefits appeal to you, then continue reading and explore how GFT can make this all possible for you.

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Unique Online Academy

Global Financial Traders (GFT) is a unique educational institution that equips you with the knowledge to thrive in the first world financial market from the comfort of your home. GFT is proud to be one of the first of its kind to offer an all-inclusive education opportunity to learn the financial market.

Every class at Global Financial Traders is delivered using state-of-the-art technology that places a virtual classroom on your computer. You can see and listen to today’s class, chat with other students, ask questions and interact with your instructors. Archived sessions are readily available to refresh your knowledge of the material or help you catch up on a class you have missed.

Benefits of Live Online Classes

Interactive Learning

  • Instructor explains and ensures that you fully understand the concept of financial trading.
  • Instructor provides live demonstrations through online webinars
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions based on the concepts being taught

Benefit from convenience Learn from the comfort of your own home or office.


No cancellations for low enrolment – Traditional open enrolment classes are known for frequent cancellations due to the need of having enough students in order to recover from any expenditure that might incur due to instructor travel and facilities. With our online class sessions, we at GFT will never cancel a class due to low enrolment.


Professional Traders Course & Course Flexibility

GFT provides a training course which involves theoretical and practical content encapsulated in each lesson. The course also comprises training exercises for the sole purpose of reinforcing the key principles being taught in each lesson. Our trading theory is combined with sound money management techniques which are an important component of successful trading and practical trading strategies so you can quickly adapt to the approaches of financial trading.

Realising the hectic and busy scheduled of clients, we have designed the course to address the needs of all clients. GFT also offer online webinar sessions which are recorded and can be accessed at the convenience of our students. Ensuring that you get the knowledge that you have invested in to catalyse your success is our most important objective.

Stock Trading Investment Seminar/Webinar

The Stock Trading Investment Seminar/Webinar is a powerful event, featuring global economic issues and their impact on our local economy.  Hear industry experts share insights on the global stock markets and opportunities to profit, identify profitable stock and analyse stock performance.  Discover how ANYONE can generate HIGHER returns on investments.  

Course Curriculum

Professional Traders Programme Course Outline

The following information outlines the topics and subtopics covered in the Professional Traders Course.


Introduction to the Financial Markets

This module provides an overview of the Financial Markets, general concepts of the economy and market characteristics. The module also covers -:

  1. The impact of monthly economic data releases on the financial markets.
  2. The different types of securities (Stocks, ETF’S, Mutual Funds and IPO’S).
  3. The importance of using a Top-Down Approach in stock selection.

Trading Japanese Candlesticks

In this module, we explore a comprehensive understanding of Japanese Candlesticks, patterns/formations and live market application. The module also covers -:

  1. What are Japanese Candlesticks?
  2. Candlestick patterns/ formations.
  3. Chart Time-Frames and Live Market Application.

Trend and Trend Analysis

Understand and confidently identify the different types of trends in the Financial Markets. The module includes -:

  1. What is a trendline?
  2. Different types of trendlines.
  3. How to accurately identify trends and draw trendlines.
  4. Live Market Application.

Support and Resistance

This module is aimed at providing the student with an understanding of key price levels where buyers and sellers converge to determine the direction of the next potential move-:

  1. How Support and Resistance price levels can be used to place protective stop-loss orders.
  2. Using the concept of these price levels to find low-risk entries and profit targets.
  3. How these concepts apply to trendlines and technical indicators such as moving averages.

Equity Management

Here, the principles of capital preservation are explored by applying time-tested risk management approaches.  You will understand -:

  1. What is Equity Management?
  2. How to treat trading as a business.
  3. Initial and Maintenance Margins and Leverage.
  4. Equity Management Formula.

Trading Fibonacci Numbers

Understand The Origin of Fibonacci numbers and their application:

  1. What are Fibonacci numbers and Sequences?
  2. The presence of Fibonacci numbers in nature.
  3. The Golden Ratios.
  4. Retracements and Extensions.
  5. Live Market Application.

ABCD Formations in an Uptrend

Students are taught how the market moves in an ABCD uptrend movement and how the Fibonacci sequence can determine the extension price target after the market retraces.

Adjusting ABCD Formations in an Uptrend

This module is aimed at providing the student with an understanding and application of adjusting ABCD patterns and applying those patterns with Fibonacci ratios as the market continues to trend.

ABCD Formations in a Downtrend

How the market moves in an ABCD downtrend movement and how the Fibonacci sequence can determine the extension price target after the market retraces.

Adjusting ABCD Formations in a Downtrend

This module is aimed at providing the student with an understanding and application of adjusting ABCD patterns and applying those patterns with Fibonacci ratios as the market continues to trend.


Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course you will:

  • Understand the fundamental aspects of trading in the financial markets at a professional level.
  • Understanding Price Action
  • Dynamic Trend Analysis in real time
  • Learn how to trade in the financial markets using Candlestick Formation Patterns
  • Learn how to use Pattern Recognition to identify profitable opportunities in the markets
  • In depth Risk Management Planning
  • Learn how to identify consistent low risk/high reward opportunities in the markets
  • Develop a profound trading plan utilized by professional investors in the field
  • Application of additional trading tools and strategies to enhance decision making in the markets

GFT understands the financial burdens that all of our clients and prospective clients face in their everyday lives. This is due to the realisation of the fact that the average person’s income is insufficient to cater for all their needs. For this reason, our programme is cost effective and affordable compared to similar programmes which do not offer some of the features here at GFT, such as mentorship, lifetime support, free market alerts and much more. We encourage you to make this investment towards your financial future. You will surely be please in the long run.


GFT Instructors are qualified, trained and experienced financial traders with a wealth of knowledge in the financial markets. Financial trading is the profession of many of the members of the GFT team. You will be taught the same techniques and methodologies employed by the top financial traders in first world countries.  Get close up and benefit from the expertise of our Portfolio Managers, with over (10) years of experience in managing portfolios, risk profiling and trading.

Live Trading Room

The CMEG Live Trading Room exists to connect traders who are READY to take control of their trading and investing future.  The Trading Room is designed to help connect, inspire and encourage traders to share ideas and gain insights from the experience and expertise of our Senior Analysts thereby enhancing investing intelligence and success.

Disclaimer Statement

Trade Responsibly.

Please be advised that trading in the financial markets involves high risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Past performance is no guarantee of future gains.  It is in your best interest that you do thorough research and analysis before placing your trades. You should not trade with capital you cannot afford to lose.